Virgin Hair vs Raw Hair

First, let's start by understanding the difference between " Virgin hair unprocessed " (Untreated virgin hair) and " Virgin hair processed ".

Virgin Hair Unprocessed is human hair that has not undergone any chemical and mechanical treatment. Nothing has changed its texture and appearance (such as color).

Therefore, there are only 3 real Virgin Hair textures :

  • Straight
  • Wavy
  • Curly

That is to say that all the other textures that you will find on the market (body Wave, Kinky curly, Deep Wave, etc…) are actually modified using steam. The goal is to give them this new identical and regular shape over the entire length of the bit. We will then speak of Virgin Hair Processed.


Raw Hair is by definition the premium quality of Virgin Hair. This hair is completely pure, it has not undergone any treatment. Raw means "cru" in French, it is devoid of any manual manipulation and of course chemical. It is literally taken from the head of a single donor, then washed and then sewn directly and ready to use. No intermediate steps, so you get thicker, higher quality wicks that last longer. Raw Hair provides an undeniable natural effect. The hair moves perfectly in the same fluid and harmonious movement thanks to the aligned cuticles.


Raw Hair is the one that blends most naturally with all types of hair (European, African, etc.) because it is permeable at will.


Note that Raw Hair will not have uniform color, curls, or waves and that is why it is pure, it does not seek a "natural effect" it is itself 100% natural.

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